Surprising Ways That Dogs Show Affection

Get some of that pawsome love!

It is easier for humans to show affection. When it comes to animals, their love language is way different. Humans can show affection through gestures, words and voice and dogs understand that. Rubbing the belly of your dog, giving them a treat or a warm snuggle make your dog realize your affection for you. It is that easy! However, when it comes to dogs there isn’t much they can do to show you how much they love their human. Instead, they make some adorable gestures trying to communicate their affection for you. While licking your face or jumping around you are some of the common ways dogs show their love for you, they some other ways too that speak volumes of their love for you. Here are some surprising signs by which you dog tries to communicate their love for you.


Dogs often show their love and affection for you by gently nudging their nose against you. If you find your dog rubbing its nose again you, it is their way of telling you that they are fond of way. Some believe that nosing is also a way by which dogs communicate that they want your attention or that you are in their way. However, if the nose nudging of your dog is accompanied by an adorable stare at your face, it is a sign of your dog’s affection for you. Sometimes, the nose nudging can also lead to a full body contact on the part of your dog and that is an equally adorable way of your dog telling you that they love you.

Eye Contact

Don’t be intimidated if you find a dog staring at you steadily. Eye contact is one of the most intimate acts by which dogs express affection. An eye contact from your dog means they are forming an attachment with you. When a dog maintains eye contact with you, the chemical oxytocin is released in their brain which is the same hormone that is released helping new mothers to form a bond with their baby. Your dog’s eye contact is a soulful and adorable sign that they love you.


Dogs often lean against your body to show their affection and trust for you. For most dogs, the leaning act is equivalent to a human hug and is a beautiful way of showing their affection for you.

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