Sustainable shopping: Best Indian Instagram thrift stores

The concepts of thrift shopping and social media have come together to make our lives easier and our environment sustainable. 

Thrift stores are taking the fashion world by a storm with their cheaper and good quality clothes. And social media has made broken their confinement to brick and mortar stores by making their products available to everyone.

We have curated a list of top Indian Instagram thrift stores that are doing their bit for the environment while offering you unique cheap clothes.

  • @thesalvagestory

Afifah Siddique created The Salvage Story to showcase her love for upcycling exclusive clothes. Started after finding rejected clothes on the streets of Delhi, the Instagram store sells hipster, vintage, and boho-inspired clothes.

  • @curated.findings

Standing true to their values of re-wear, re-bond and re-love, the store sells clothes, accessories and also home décor items. They definitely live up to their name as their items are distinctive that will surely turn heads at your next event.

  • @disco.very.culture

If you love the disco scene of the 70s and 80s, then highlight it to the world and relive those moments with this Instagram thrift store. From jackets to jerseys and t-shirts, they are definitely reflecting the culture of the past.

  • @groovy_fits

To save clothes from ending up in landfills due to over-production, Ashish Rai decided to sell clothes on her Instagram account, which she sources from flea markets. Buy vintage and rare items from her account as she promotes the slow fashion trend one cloth at a time.

  • @mumbaithrifts

If quirky printed tops, light-washed denim jeans, and tie-dyed sweatshirts are more up your alley, then this is the account to follow. All the items currently in stock are put under the “available” highlight for you to browse.


With clothes and collectables handpicked from the page curator’s travels, this Instagram store sells a variety of bold and delicate printed clothes and accessories. Apart from that, the pictures of items set against beautiful green backgrounds will have you hooked to the page.

  • @folkpants

Operating out of Manipur and Delhi, this e-thrift store is competing with fashion giants with their mix of old and new pieces. All the pieces on their store have been sourced from the page curator’s travels and hometowns.

Time to adopt thrift shopping and live a sustainable life. With the above Instagram accounts, all you need is your phone, and card number and you are set.

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