Taylor Swift’s First Songs – A Look Back

When you thought of happiness… teardrops fell on my guitar… and we wrote down our song.


With 11 Grammys and a host of fans all around the world, Taylor Swift is one of the most popular solo singers of all time. Her first songs were in the genre of country music and even today she continues to dazzle the world with her songs. Taylor Swift is a singer and songwriter who began writing her songs and started singing them at the age of about 17. And since then, she has experimented with her style of singing, and her way of viewing the world, and all in all has done incredible work which impacted people beyond singing. Today her fans are called Swifties and she has become a part of our song culture to the extent that we write songs about her.

Here, let us look back at some of her songs which we swifties heard when we were young and eventually grew up with – playing them whenever and wherever the opportunity presented itself.


Taylor Swift: The First Album

Her first album was called Taylor Swift and it was a phenomenal sensation that led to her rise to fame. Tear Drops on My Guitar has the sweetest tone with the most pleasant melody. And then there’s Tim McGraw, country music with a twist of teenage love, just what we loved to hear back when we were coming of age. And then there was Our Song, a song which writes itself as it is sung. The genius of Taylor Swift was sufficiently apparent from her first album itself. 


The Change of Heart: The Change of Genres

But people are just never satisfied with what they get. And hence began her drastic change with her albums from Taylor Swift to Fearless to Speak Now and Red. She wrote break-up songs, patch-up songs, and even those with some apologetic tone. She kept it up till she reached album 1989 and let it all break loose into what became ferociously brilliant.


Taylor Swift in this Decade: Reputation Precedes Her

1989 and Reputation came one after the other like a storm. And that showed everyone what she was capable of! She was from the country but that didn’t have anything to do with the way she writes and the way she sings. And after the storm, came the tide of love when she released Lover. 

At the end of it, all the virus came and she took some time off for herself. And lo and behold her most calming creations of all time: folklore and evermore. It seems like the happy ever after the end of a storybook. But who can tell – it might just be the beginning of something new.

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