Tech Tips: how To Make Your Laptop Last Longer

The real Cs that matter when it comes to your laptop care!

Unless you have some treasure hidden, you must know that laptops are really expensive! It is not possible to get one new laptop every time your previous one faces a problem. Laptops are investments that you would want to go on glitch free for as long as possible. Naturally, you must work some to get some, right? You need to get take good care of your laptop if you want it to last longer. In that respect you must know the Cs that is crucial to laptop care. Here are a few tips on how to take of your laptop in order to make it last longer!

C For Current –Keep Your Laptop Updated

Whether it is the operating software or the antivirus, make sure that you are using the latest versions of everything in your laptops. Consider these as investing a little in your laptop care while on the go to avoid bigger expenses for fixing your laptop later on. Keeping your laptop software and applications updated would definitely make your laptop last longer. The latest versions of any software or application are debugged and much improved from their older versions. Naturally, it helps in keeping your laptop’s performance well and improved as well for a longer period of time.

C For Cool –Don’t Let Your Laptop Heat Up

Your laptop is not a big fan of heat or sunlight, trust us! There is a reason as to why the de=ata centers are kept in severely cold temperatures. It should be maintained that your laptop stays away from sunlight. If you have a gaming laptop, chances are that it tends to heat up quick. Buy a cooling pad for your laptop, especially if you have a gaming variant. The vents at the back of your laptop should never remain blocked. Remember, a laptop that chills is a laptop that lasts.

C For Clean –Keep Your Laptop Clean Both On The Outside And Inside

It is of course important to not let your laptop get dusty or dirty on the exterior since the gunk can get inside and damage integral parts of the laptop. Clean your laptop on the inside as well as on the outside. Defragment your hard drive at least once a month to keep your laptop clean and smoothly running from the inside as well.

Urbee Sarkar

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