Telegram adds one-on-one video calling option for mobile users

The alpha version of the video calling feature has been recently announced by Telegram for both Android and iOS users.

Telegram on their seventh anniversary bought a surprise for their app users with the announcement of the video calling feature in the alpha mode for Android and iOS. With over 400 million active users in April on Telegram, the video calling function will help many users to connect with their family, friends and colleagues.

In 2020, the pandemic situation has completely revolutionized the way we used to interact and communicate. This face-to-face communication feature offered by Telegram is not only important but also necessary for people to stay connected with each other.

Let's take a look at the features offered by this video calling option on Telegram.

Video-Calling Function

Like other instant messaging applications, Telegram introduced the video calling feature for its app users. To initiate the face-to-face chat, the Telegram user can tap the user whom they want to connect on a video call. It also offers an option of video on and off before starting the call; the user can switch video mode according to his preferences. Similarly, microphones can also be turned on and off during the call.

The video call function also supports picture-in-picture mode allowing users to continue scrolling through their chats on the app when the calls get boring. It can also help you to check notifications of other apps and multitask while you are on the call.

This feature is now available in alpha mode and is completely protected by the end-to-end encryption to ensure 100% secure calling. The user can verify whether the calls are encrypted or not by checking and comparing the four emojis that appear on their screen matching with their partner. If they match, then the call is secure and encrypted.

Currently, this option is only available for one-to-one communication and not for the group based interaction. Telegram is also planning to introduce group video calling option along with other features and updates to its application, in the coming months.

The introduction of video calling feature will help Telegram to venture in the market of video conferencing apps which have witnessed a rapid rise in their usage during the lockdown period due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation around the world. It will be exciting to see how Telegram grows and updates its video calling features in future in order to compete with existing video-conferencing apps like Zoom Meeting, Google Meet, Whatsapp Video Calling, JioMeet and many others.