Telltale Signs You Are Afraid Of Crowds

Do you feel a trembling in your legs whenever you’re in a crowded area? In such case, you may be experiencing symptoms of Enochlophobia, an unusual aversion to large gatherings of people.

Enochlophobia is s form of social anxiety, it manifests itself in situations when people must interact with large groups of people, such as going out in public, going to church, or even taking one’s child to football practice. Many things, such as painful memories and social embarrassment, might contribute to an individual developing a dread of large gatherings.

Without a doubt, you shouldn’t let your fear of large groups of people keep you from leading a regular life. Some simple therapies include gradually interacting with bigger groups of individuals until you feel comfortable doing it on your own. But first, you must learn to recognize the symptoms of someone who has a severe aversion to social situations involving huge numbers of people.

If you have a phobia of people, you may want to be aware of these warning signals.

Being in crowded places causes you to feel ill
You may be suffering from Enochlophobia if you have palpitations and shortness of breath whenever you’re around a large group of people. Sweating, nausea, and severe panic episodes are other physical manifestations of this particular phobia of large gatherings.

You fear that others will laugh at you when you speak in public
Truth be told, not everyone enjoys chatting it up with a large group of strangers at parties. But, interacting with a large group of individuals might be quite challenging for certain people. Many people feel apprehensive at the prospect of showing up to a crowded event for many reasons, the most common of which is a fear of drawing unwanted attention to oneself.

You shun going to parties and other gatherings
It’s possible that your irrational dread of large gatherings is the cause of your chronic failure to support your loved ones by attending their gatherings. Potential triggers for this phobia include being exposed to too much bad information, such as accounts of public killings posted on social media.

You don’t join any groups or participate in any group exercise programs
If you find that being in large groups of people is stressful, you may start thinking of ways to avoid them. You may, for instance, resolve on a yearly basis to start going to the gym but find yourself lacking the enthusiasm to really do so just before you’re ready to get started. Having to work out in a group with complete strangers is terrifying to you.

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