Terrarium A Small Ecology System That Can Be Created In Home

Plant more plants with more care and love!

Greenery is pleasant to our eyes and saplings are like children to us. If you plant a sapling in a tray no matter what, you will be drawn towards that every single time you turn your gaze. Tending to a plant is like nurturing your baby with warm and careful hands. We all are obsessed with greenery so why not try to create a small ecological system in our home according to the space. The Japanese are very good at managing space and they also found a way to fit some soil, stones, water and saplings or moss in a vessel.

Terrarium concepts

Terrarium is usually created in a small glass fish bowl or an aquarium, but it doesn’t mean that big ones do not exist. Creating a terrarium according to our climate and weather is important, otherwise keeping the plants alive in it will be tough. But if the artificial arrangements are available then using any kind of sapling or plant is possible. Treating a plant or tending that, is related to our mind, concentration and beauty of eyesight in a good manner. You can spend hours just sitting in a place to make one.

Process of making a Terrarium

If you want to create a terrarium at home then you can follow these given methods.

Take a glass bowl or container or an aquarium according to your convenience. Ecology is dependent on the vessel created by nature. Here the container plays an important role in making the artificial system. A container with an open mouth and transparent body is quite good for that.

After the container is chosen you must fill it with soil but before that put some beautiful coloured stones or any kind of stone collected from sea, a bit of crushed sea shell is also sufficient. Once they create a 2-inch or 1.5 inch bed at the bottom add some activated charcoal the same way for water draining and keep the system safe and alive. The bed is created so add the soil but don’t add fertiliser as the plants inside don’t need that. You can also add some moss or small plants while mixing the soil to make it more attractive.

Spray some water on the soil bed and find the plants. Usually plants like club moss, pothos, lucky bamboo etc. are efficient for that, but you can add some other similar kinds of plants.

After the plants are plucked, try to remove the previous soil from the roots and add them into the soil. Decorate your terrarium as you wish and give the plants some water. Eventually they will grow and flourish.

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