Tesla to Solar City, Valuation of Six Companies Built by Musk

All the six companies built by Musk have a valuation of over one billion US dollar

Elon Musk- the name requires no introduction because, at the moment, he is the world’s richest man. Not to forget, he is also one of the smartest minds alive in the world, who is a legendary business magnate, entrepreneur and investor. The 50-year-old has a net worth of 26,460 crores US dollars and over the years, he has formed several companies that are known for offering unique futuristic solutions and products.

Recently, Musk acquired Twitter and, in the days to come, we can expect great things from Twitter. After all, so far, the six companies that have been built by Musk have a valuation of over one billion US dollars. What are the names of those companies and what is their present valuation? Read on to know it all.

Tesla, 1.039 trillion US dollars

In October 2021, Musk’s electric car manufacturing company Tesla became the sixth company in the world to touch the one trillion valuation mark. At present, Tesla’s valuation is 1.039 trillion US dollars and, out of Musk’s six companies, Tesla has the highest valuation. By 2024, Tesla is planning to launch an automated robotaxi service.

SpaceX, 100 billion US dollars

We all know that Musk is obsessed with automated vehicles. However, there is another thing Musk is more obsessed with and, i.e., the colonisation of Mars and economical space travelling. Musk’s SpaceX is an aerospace manufacturer that has completed many missions in space. Not to forget, the company also works with NASA.

Paypal, 99.91 billion US dollars

The business mind of Musk is extremely sharp and therefore, it is not a surprise that one of the largest online payment system companies belongs to him. Around the world, almost 426 million users use Paypal with a total revenue generation of around 2,537.1 crores US dollars (until 31 December 2021).

Valuation of the other three companies- The Boring Company, SolarCity and Neuralink

The other three companies owned by Musk are The Boring Company (tunnel construction business), SolarCity (solar products development and installation) and Neuralink (brain-machine interface device). The Boring Company’s valuation is 5.7 billion US dollars, whereas SolarCity’s valuation stands at 2.05 billion US dollars. Last but not the least, Neuralink’s valuation is one billion US dollars.

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