Test or ODI – which form of cricket is going to die soon

After the advent of T20 international matches and various cricket leagues, it s assumed that the other forms of international cricket may soon die. It is because the viewership of both Test matches and One Day Internationals has decreased and the audiences are not coming to the ground.

It is not easy to understand which form of cricket is going to vanish soon without understanding them in depth. Let’s talk about why test cricket might survive and the reasons behind declining viewership in ODI.

Test is best

Many cricket lovers and even cricketers claim that they like playing and watching test. The reason behind this is it tests your technical skills, temperament and your ability to play under pressure. A test match can go on for five days and as a result, you get to see many ups and downs. A good session can completely turn the game around sometimes while sometimes a team remains valuable for the first three days but loses the match in just one day. These things make test cricket what it is. The battle between players and the most sparking cricket rivalries are seen in test matches. It requires heavy brainstorming, proper execution of the plans and technical skills. It is safe to assume that test matches are going to be there for a long period of time. People who have no clue about the game think that test matches will be the first to vanish because they go on for a longer period of time as compared to one day internationals, but reality is quite different.

One Day Matches

Since the inception of T20 cricket, people are less excited to see one day internationals. They only want to watch the World Cup because it is more of an event but they do not want to invest their time in watching the bilateral series. It is because one day cricket lacks the fun and entertainment of T20 cricket and is does not have technically sound play like test cricket. This format takes around 9 hours of day time and the viewers are not ready to dedicate this much amount of time. Also, the decrease in the triangular series and championships are one of the biggest reasons why their popularity has decreased. Apart from international T20 matches, there are several 20 overs leagues too which happen all over the year. Apart from IPL, there are several other leagues too that have a loyal fan base and people want to watch their favorite stars playing together now.

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