Tests You Can Do At Home To Check If Your Hair Is Healthy

There’s a good possibility that your hair is damaged or may just be overthinking it.

Managing and maintaining healthy hair is a serious task. Styling your hair regularly with heating tools, applying a lot chemicals and products on your hair and even the pollution can cause serious damage to your hair. The result could be severe hair fall, split ends or even hair breakage. However, you don’t always need to run to a doctor or a salon to determine if your hair is doing well. You can try and find out the health situation of your hair sitting right at your home. All you have to do is try a few tests and you will know if you need to go for some immediate hair salvation remedies or if you have just been overthinking the whole situation. Here are a few tests that you can try at home to find out if your haor is healthy.

The Follicle Test

The first and the foremost sign of healthy hair is having healthy roots. The roots of the hair are called follicles and their shape and size can tell you a lot about the health and quality of your hair. Check the roots of your hair to find out if your hair is healthy. Pluck out a strand of your hair. While doing this step, make sure you have a strong grip on the strand. Otherwise, you would just be breaking your hair. For this test to work, it is important for the follicle to remain attached to the strand of hair. Once you have pulled out the hair strand with its follicle, examine the size and the shape of the follicle. If the follicle of the hair is thick and shaped like a bulb you have healthy hair. If your hair follicle is narrow and does not have the bulb shape, your hair needs some care and attention.

The Sink Test

This test checks the porosity of your hair. Healthy hair does not absorb water quickly while unhealthy hair absorbs water very fast. Pluck out a few strands of hair from different parts of the head like the top, the sides and the back. Take a glass of water and drop the plucked out hairs into the water. The healthy hairs will float, the relatively healthy strands will sink a little while the unhealthy ones will sink down at the bottom.

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