Texas Roadside Attractions Worth Stopping by

Are you in Texas wondering what to see next?

Once in a while, there comes in front of us certain things that make us go awe about it. The same might happen if you are roaming through the streets of Texas. You’ll probably see certain never seen before things, that will make you return and give it a look again. Let us take you to the roadside journey of Texas, and see what comes in our path.

The Giant Squirrel

If you’re going past Cedar Creek, TX, you’ll probably get a chance to meet Mrs. Pearl, the giant squirrel. This 14ft giant squirrel is quite popular in the city, so much that almost thousands of people click here photograph each day. No wonder why she is so popular! Such things are not found everywhere after all.

Dalmatian Fire Hydrant

Do you remember the “101 Dalmatians”? The fire hydrant standing just outside Texas’ fire museum in Beaumont, has been donated by Walt Disney in 1999, to promote his animation movie. The hydrant is about 24 foot in height. And a strange fact is that Walt Disney has copyright over it.

Cathedral of Junk

Exactly what it sounds like, the Cathedral of Junk is basically a hodgepodge of things such as poles, wheels, metal fences, neon signs and what not. It looks like the most astounding collection of garbage, that has been utilised so perfectly, that it could be used as a set of some movie.

Big Blue Crab

This beast sized structure is situated at the Rockport Beach and is the largest blue crab of the world. 25 feet in width, this giant is a supercool attraction for tourists. Don’t run away on seeing it, as it might look like a monster waiting to grab his food.

Cowboy Boots

These cowboy boots have a place for itself in the Guinness Book of World Records, for being the largest worldwide. This pair of boots is made up of ostrich skin, is 40 feet in height and has some fiberglass that glows at night.

Public Glass Bathroom

When you visit Sulphur Springs, you’ll see these strange looking box type items, covered with mirrored glass on all sides. These are public bathrooms that have mirrors, which makes everything visible to people who are inside.  Thankfully it’s not the other way round.

Eiffel Tower

Missing Eiffel Tower while in Texas? No worries, as Texas has got us a solution for this too. The 70 feet tall look alike of the Eiffel Tower of Paris, was built by the local workers, giving it a slight fashionable touch by adding a red cowboy hat on top of it. A perfect picture background for your Instagram post, indeed!

Wondering what else Texas has in its box of beauties!

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