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Thai Actors With Worldwide Popularity

The obsession of Thailand with everything action, romance, and drama has created a generation of highly talented actors, who are truly the jack-of-all-trades. From life-long martial artists to dedicated activists, and from international heartthrobs to engineers.

Thailand is one of the most visited countries in Southeast Asia. Apart from the beautiful sights and culture, Thailand also has something in store when it comes to the entertainment industry. Let us take a peek at some good-looking and talented Thai actors with worldwide popularity, who will capture your heart without a doubt.

Tony Jaa

Tony Jaa is one of the most colorful and decorated sensations of Thailand. The actor’s illustrious background includes accolades like being an action choreographer, Thai martial artist, stuntman, actor, director, and a Buddist monk. Jaa closely studied the films of Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, and Jet Li. He trained himself relentlessly for years before landing his breakout role in “Ong-Bak: Muay Thai Warrior”. The actor continued to be a staple in Thai action films until his story came full circle and caught the eye of Jackie Chan, who cast Jaa in “Rush Hour 3”. He has also starred opposite Vin Diesel in “Furious 7” and “xXx: Return of Xander Cage”.

Mario Maurer

Mario Maurer is a hotly sought-after actor, who first broke into the entertainment industry at the young age of 16. After a robust portfolio of music videos, commercials, and photoshoots, Maurer landed the leading role in “Love of Siam”. After bagging a few more notable roles in Thai movies like “Pee Mak”, the actor’s fame extended to the Philippines, co-starring in “Suddenly It’s Magic”.


PrinSuparat is a Chiang Mai local, who is internationally known as Mark. Suparat is popular for his extended reign as the prince of Thai soap operas. The actor’s breakout role was in “NgaoRukLuang Jai”. Suparat also holds a black belt in judo.


ChantavitDhanasevi goes by the nickname Ter and this rising star had a humble beginning. After Ter’s post-graduation, he began dabbling in assistant directing, screenwriting, and as an acting coach before winning his breakthrough role in the popular romantic comedy “Hello Stranger”. His outstanding performance earned him the “Star Hunter Award”, awarded by the Shanghai International Film Festival to rising stars in the Asian film industry.


ChakritYamnam gained fame locally for several years as a sitcom actor. He soon emerged on the international radar starring opposite Steven Seagal in “Belly of the Beast” and later with Nicolas Cage in the remake of the crime thriller “Bangkok Dangerous”.

If you are looking for a new line of actors to idolize, do not forget to add the aforementioned Thai actors to your crush list.