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The 5 Best Muay Thai Fighters In MMA

Here is a list of the most popular Muay Thai fighters in MMA.

Knowledge of the Muay Thai method is essential for success in MMA. Although the majority of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) athletes don't train in Muay Thai, several of the finest fighters in UFC are skilled in this striking art. Apart from Muay Thai greats like Saenchai & Buakaw, we also glanced up to MMA greats like Edson Barboza & Donald Cerrone.

Donald Cerrone

If we claimed that Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone wasn't one of our favorite fighters on this list, We'd be lying. This guy is one of our favorites because he's not afraid to mix it with the greatest of them in the ring. Though he holds a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Cerrone rarely resorts to grappling as his primary method of attack. Cowboy is renowned for his perfect Muay Thai switch-kick technique. For this reason, we rank Donald Cerrone among the elite among MMA's Muay Thai fighters.

Darren Till

One other talented fighter who has been challenged for the UFC welterweight gold is Darren "The Gorilla" Till. Darren Till is a seasoned Muay Thai fighter with extensive experience under his belt. He possesses some of the most formidable Muay Thai clinch skills now used in mixed martial arts. Darren Till seems to be a fighter to keep an eye on in the UFC because he has the perfect physique to complement his incredible technical skill.

Joanna Jędrzejczyk

You've undoubtedly heard of Joanna through watching Muay Thai or Mixed Martial Arts. Joanna is a women's champion with a reputation for devastating, long-range Muay Thai punches. She is quite effective at using her range, and her front kick is very dangerous. Joanna has the potential to be remembered for being one of the most accomplished female MMA competitors of all time in the UFC. Her clinch work and Muay Thai technique are both exceptional. We rank Joanna among the world's top Muay Thai fighters because she is ruthless.

Gaston Bolanos

Anyone unfamiliar with the name Gaston Bolanos should take note; it's likely to become increasingly important shortly. Unbelievably, Bolanos went straight from Muay Thai onto Bellator MMA, where he displayed some of the greatest Muay Thai world MMA at the time. While most Muay Thai fighters struggle to adapt to mixed martial arts (MMA) due to the need to acquire new skills like take-down defense and grappling, Gaston was able to do it with ease.

José Aldo

José Aldo may be remembered as among the greatest mixed martial arts (MMA) competitors of all time. Not including him on our list of top Muay Thai MMA fighters would be criminal. In part because of how much Jose Aldo stands out amongst other Muay Thai competitors in MMA, We've been training in both Muay Thai & MMA techniques. His low-kick style has permitted him to utterly dominate several fights inside the cage, and we believe most fans would agree that's quite impressive. We don't know for how long Jose Aldo will remain in the octagon, but we are going to enjoy every second that it lasts.