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The 80’s Party Fashion

Got an 80’s party invitation? Here is how you can dress up to stand out.

You may be scratching your head over an outfit to wear to an 80s party. What were people wearing back in the '80s? Calm down, we've got your back. We offer real 80s fashion advice so you won't appear like a poser, whether you choose to shop in your own wardrobe, at a secondhand store, or online. We'll also go through some really cool ways to do your hair and makeup. Have fun!

Putting Together an Era-Specific Outfit

Contrasting hues look good together. Bright neon hues are so very 1980s. Try blending three or four distinct tones to achieve the strong, brilliant look popular in the 1980s. Alternatively, you may wear a top and bottom that match and then add a splash of color with a belt or earrings, say, in bright yellow or electric blue. A pair of colorful tights under a miniskirt is a great alternative to pants. Put on a pair of contrasting legwarmers to complete the outfit.

Step 1:

Pair a baggy shirt with skinny slacks or a mini dress. Women's fashion in the 1980s was characterized by tops that were voluminous and skimpy bottoms. Combine a baggy top with skinny pants or a short miniskirt. Consider raiding your parent's wardrobe in search of an enormous top if you don't already own one. Perhaps you can even get original 1980s clothing there and wear the part! You might borrow some pants from your younger sister if you need a smaller size.

Step 2:

Display your shoulder blades with pride. Get your hands on some shoulder pads, or build some of your own. In a pinch, you may pin a folded washcloth beneath your top as shoulder pads if you don't have a garment with them. In the '80s, the female form was ideally shaped like a football player for whatever reason.

Step 3:

Wearing mostly black and denim is a good start to achieving an 80s punk vibe, which brings us to step three. Try a denim miniskirt with only an acid-washed jean jacket, or wear ripped black denim trousers with a denim shirt. Put on a black hoodie under an enormous denim jacket and rock the masculine punk style.

Step 4:

Dress in a coordinated ensemble of bright sporting wear. Wearing leg warmers and just a leotard while working out is a classic 80s fashion trend that you should emulate. Men's fashion of the time prioritized baggy tracksuit bottoms and matching bomber jackets. Sneakers, especially Nikes, complete the 80s exercise ensemble.

Step 5:

Finding genuine vintage garments is the key to putting together a fantastic 80s-themed costume. You may always find a great deal of outmoded and ugly fashion in a thrift store. Thrift stores are a great place to find authentic 1980s clothing on the cheap.

Step 6:

Browse for 80s-themed reading material. Find items made of leather, denim, velvet, corduroy, or lace. Try combining materials with a large degree of visual contrast, such as those with different colors or patterns. Cheetah print and other animal print garments were all the rage. Even polka dots made an appearance on the runway. If you want to know if the thrift shop products you've picked out really do seem like they're from the 1980s, ask the business's older customers.