The amazing health benefits of Arjuna Bark

India is home to many herbs and plants that have medicinal benefits. The land of ayurveda is famous for having a rich production of different kinds of herbs, plants, trees and flowers which cure several diseases and illness. One such thing is arjuna bark which is becoming famous in various countries for the health benefits it possess and is seen as a daily used item for the next generation.

Arjuna bark is the upper and fresh layer of arjuna tree. It is extracted from the stem of the tree and is known to have various kinds of benefits. Arjuna bark is commonly known Arjun Chhaal in the country and there are many who swear by it. After extracting it from the tree, it can be consumed in the form of tea directly or you can make its powder which can be consumed later. However, you should keep in mind that the stem should not be more than six months old as its benefits decreases with time.

Usage – The best way to use Arjuna Bark is by directly plucking it from the tree and boiling it in the water. You can drink the boiled water every morning and use it as a replacement to your morning tea. However, if you do not have a direct access to the tree, you can find arjuna bark’s capsule and powder in the market which is manufactured by almost all of the ayurvedic companies these days. Let’s learn about the health benefits associated with it and how it should be used in a right manner.

Heart problems – The most important benefits of using arjuna bark is that it provides relief to the heart. Heart dieases are increasing these days and even young people are at the risk of many heart related problems. In such cases, one should use arjuna bark every morning as it promotes the healthy pumping of blood. It is also used to prevent the blockage of arteries and maintains the smooth flow of blood to the heart and to the body. Arjuna bark is beneficial for people of all age and does not have any side effects which make it a good remedy for heart problem.

Decreases high blood pressure – Arjuna bark is a magical remedy for decreasing high blood pressure. It should be used empty stomach by people who complain constantly about high blood pressure. It is not a quick remedy but it has the potential to maintain normal blood pressure in long term. Legends say that arjuna bark’s capsule can even stop a cardiac arrest but there are no evidences which support this statement.

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