The Anticipated Challenges of Instagram Business

The many stumbling blocks of using Instagram to boost your business

Why Instagram marketing is not panning out for you?

Hassle in Scheduling Posts: Instagram does not have the feature to schedule your posts which means you have to be active 24*7 to update audiences with the latest. While small businesses can afford to invest in real-time interaction, this might turn into a hassle as your venture starts expanding and gaining momentum. Entrepreneurs who single-handedly manage the business and social media marketing may find it difficult to wade through the numerous activities and post frequently to maintain engagement metrics.

Poor Reach: The demographics you target may not be adept in using Instagram, and especially so when it is the middle-aged or older generation you are trying to focus on. Instagram is teeming with young users while others may not be in cognizance of your brand name yet. Also, the whopping number of users who log into Instagram without the slightest intention of buying anything online is a huge setback for businesses. Probably one of the reasons why it is pertinent to create a professional website first and link Instagram account to it.

Expensive Campaigning: Small businesses are typically compelled to gain traffic organically since advertising requires a chunk of monetary investment. You will need to wait for a couple of months to exert a meaningful impact on the business. The difficulty in creating an effective campaign is further accentuated by the restricted space for texts and additional content. No wonder entrepreneurs are switching to multiple platforms to display their ideas.

Not Click-Friendly: Unlike Facebook or LinkedIn, providing viable links on Instagram is a far cry. The sheer lack of opportunity to create clickbait posts and provide links is a huge blow to creative and cunning marketing campaigns. While the visual narrative that Instagram allows is commercially profitable or it may help you in selling products, but definitely not enough to create a business identity distinct from your peers. Moreover, accounts with more than 10,000 followers are allowed to include a link into stories—a privilege that many small business enterprises cannot boast of.

Not E-Commerce Centric: Instagram, unlike other social media platforms, is not strictly pivoted around business and most users simply sign up to scroll through easy-breezy content without committing to any brands or services. Here is where your intelligent marketing strategies and sponsored content are wasted. Also, if you temporarily want to pause the account or hibernate for a while, Instagram does not allow you to reset account privacy.

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