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The Antique Paradise Of India: Five Indian Markets Popular For Antique Goods

Check out five Indian markets that are popular for selling antique goods!

India has worked hard to build a modern, organized retail market, but the excitement of visiting a traditional market specializing in antique items that you cannot find anywhere else, makes it unparalleled. If you wish to decorate your space with old-world furniture, artifacts, tableware, and decorative items, here are five markets you should visit.

Chor Bazaar in Mumbai

Mumbai’s Chor Bazaar is identified as one of India’s most popular and largest flea markets. It is a must-visit market for every antique lover or collector. Chor Bazaar is located in South Mumbai and is best known for authentic Victorian artifacts and furniture. Additionally, if you are searching for some old iconic Bollywood posters, this is where you can find them.

Jew Town in Kerala

Kochi’s Jew Town is famous for housing interesting Antique shops. In Kerala, the parkway Jew Town is a well-known street, doling out unique vintage goods across the country. The relic stores of Jew Town have been specializing in antique items since the colonial period.

Janpath in Delhi

At Delhi’s Janpath, you will find antique goods from different states of India. The market is in the heart of the city - close to Connaught Place. Janpath has shops, each representing a different state with authentic products. You can shop for apparel, jewelry, decorative ( ceramic, wooden, and metallic) items, and furnishing products. You may also shop from roadside vendors selling unique and interesting furnishings.

Sunder Nagar Antique Market in Delhi

Sunder Nagar Antique Market is popular across the globe for its brilliant collection of antique furniture. It is considered an upscale posh market as opposed to the other antique markets mentioned in this list. Vendors at Sunder Nagar Antique Market sell furniture, folk art, jewelry, tableware, and other small artifacts that could add splendor to your home. The goods sold in this market are slightly overpriced, but you can bargain and strike a good deal.

Oshiwara Market in Mumbai

This antique market in Mumbai entices visitors from different cities who come searching for antique furniture. Whether you want to spend money with both hands or are on a strict budget, Oshiwara market fits every person’s bill. From finding antique Portuguese furniture to Victorian decorative items from the colonial era, Oshiwara market has something for everyone.

Visiting an antique market is a wholesome experience in itself. What do you think?