The Ayurvedic guidelines for a happy and healthy tummy

To keep a good functioning stomach, follow these simple ancient tips

In today’s age and time, when one is chasing deadlines and goals, the direct effect is on our mental and physical health. The mentally resulting is one suffering from depression, anxiety, and panic attacks, which start to affect the body internally. The first thing is attacks is the gut, the stomach. While there are multiple tricks and medical suggestions to keep the gut happy and healthy, they often fade in the longer run. However, if you plan on keeping your gut happy forever, there are various tested over time techniques in Ayurveda that promise to keep your stomach healthy. Here is your list of tips for following the ayurvedic way.

Eat only when the body asks

The first and foremost rule to maintaining good gut health is to eat only when the body asks for it, only when you feel hungry. And hungry means hungry; when your stomach is growling in pain, you should take a plate full of healthy food to eat and relish it till the last bite. What happens when we eat only when hungry is that the body can digest the food easily. At times when the body is not adequately hydrated, you start to feel hungry unnecessarily.

Eat-in peace

While you might eat with a plate full of meals, you must eat in peace and calm. Find a comfortable place, sit down and eat with minimal distraction when chewing your food. A distraction while eating doesn’t allow your mind to chew the food properly, leading to constipation or an upset stomach.

Eat only as much as your stomach asks for

It is best to keep overeating on occasions or significant events but eat beyond your stomach’s capacity in daily life. Eating a little less than what your stomach asks for is best as it leaves room for the body to process the food and digest it. So it is essential to listen to your body and eat only up to a point when you feel satisfied, not overfull.

Opt for warm meals

Well, the right temperature of food one should eat warm meals. A freshly cooked meal not out of the fridge is good for the body. Avoiding food from the refrigerator will help preserve the digestive power, the Agni in your body as per Ayurveda, and let the digestive enzymes work effectively.

Nirtika Pandita

A follower of Master Oogway, living by his words of Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift, which is why it is called the ‘Present’, I am trying to master the art of now. Keeping that in the center I am combining my professional prowess as a writer and nerves of a gastronaut to conquer the Saha world.
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