The benefits of taking microbreaks at work

Micro-breaks are short breaks taken by the employees after every hour to improve their physical and mental abilities. Microbreaks are voluntarily taken at workplace to reduce the pressure and improve the focus. They usually last from 30 seconds to 5 minutes depending upon the activity and need of the employee. Many companies nowadays are encouraging the employees to take microbreaks instead of just getting bored at work.

The benefits of microbreaks are scientifically proven. They not only refreshes the person but helps them to concentrate on their work. A person is free to do any activity they wish to do under the prescribed time. From walking few stairs to filling the water bottle, there are many activities which a person can do to spend their time. The aim of taking microbreak is to shift the focus from work to anything. It helps in giving some relaxing time to the brain. People who usually take microbreaks are known to be more productive and efficient than others. There are many benefits of microbreaks.

Helps in relaxing the mind and the body – One of the major reasons why people take microbreaks is they help in cooling down the body after a tedious and tiring task. You can meditate for some time and can even do some light exercise in the office during a microbreak. It will help your mind and body to take a short break from work and concentrate on something else.

Prevents diseases

It is recommended to take a break and have some stretching or walking exercise to keep yourself healthy. People who are desk workers don’t get enough time to walk or have exercise. They spend lot of their time sitting in front of the laptop which increases their cholesterol levels, sugar levels and the chances of many diseases.

Helps in processing

Our brain needs some time to process the information. If you are doing a complex task at work, your brain might need some time to adjust to the information and to process the data. These days, companies require a person to multi task which not only increases the pressure but brain has to process too many things together. A micro break helps a person in processing a information and recharges the brain.


When you shift your focus from a highly demanding activity to something funny or meaningless, your brain switches the tab. It gives it some time to relax and when you get back to work, the concentration power of the brain increases. Therefore, you should take micro breaks as often as needed.

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