The Best Islands In India For A Tropical Getaway

Here are your options for an exotic island getaway in India!

India is the hub for some of the most beautiful beaches and island getaways. Enjoying solitude in middle of nowhere watching the waves with your favourite drink in your hand is the ideal getaway for all the beach lovers. While some of the coastlines in India could be too crowded, the islands are a treat for anyone who enjoys staying away from the crowd. Here are some of the best islands in India for you to enjoy a beautiful tropical getaway.

Havelock Island In Andaman

In the recent years the Andamans have become a popular tourist spot. The Andamans is a cluster of islands in India offering you some of the best sea views in the world. While Most of the islands in Andaman are quite buzzed with a crowd of tourists, the Havelock island is not explored much. Don’t get us wrong, it is still one of the most popular islands in the Andamans but offer a more serene getaway than the rest. The pristine clear waters offer a surreal experience as you experience sunset or sunrise whichever is your favourite. The ambience and the view from this island in the Andamans is perfect and magnificent for anyone who loves to keep to themselves in a vacation.

Munroe Island In Kerala

Not many know this, but Kerala is home to one of the most beautiful islands in India. Kerala has been named as God’s Own Country and has beautiful landscapes, mountains and beaches to be proud of. Munroe island in Kerala is a cluster of eight islands and is connected by a network of canals that were dug out and created by Colonel John Munroe. The water bodies are integrated in a complex labyrinth and has many famous attractions nearby that Kerala is famous for including the Varkala Beach.

Netrani Island In Karnataka

The Netrani Island is also known as the Pigeon Island and is located off the Konkan Coast in the middle of the Arabian sea. It is one of the most scenic islands of India and has a variation of landscape to offer. It has cliffs and rocky roads and can be accessed from the coast of the town called Murudeshwar in Karnataka. You can even spot some of the most exotic marine lives from this island including butterfly fish and even the white whale sharks.

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