The Best Movies made by Quentin Tarantino

His revolutionary filmmaking is intelligent and self-aware and also gives a glimpse of graphic and a slice of avant-garde cinema. Let’s find out some of the best movies by the legendary director. 

Quentin Tarantino could easily be branded as one of the most iconic filmmakers of contemporary Hollywood. His unique style of filmmaking has gained a cult following amongst movie buffs. His works serve as case studies for moviemakers and critics. He seldom cares about accepted formulas of movies, for he decides them himself in each film. His Pulp Fiction adds a touch of neo-noir cinema; Kill-Bill treats the themes of violence and revenge aesthetically. One could notice a hint of the post-modern style of classical Hollywood in Inglorious Bastard. 

Let us take a look at some of the greatest movies made by the master filmmaker.

Inglorious Basterds 

By the look of the title, Tarantino’s focus on deviant spellings makes us aware of his commitment to the American pronunciation of this film which also is how Americans address themselves in the movie. The effort seems puny and uncalled for, but the question posed by the moviemaker about the rigidity of spelling conventions around the world and his attempt to deconstruct it with respect to the requirement of the story. The gripping tale about a group of Americans known as the Nazi-Hunters is a treat to an intelligent cinema lover.

Pulp Fiction

The Oscar-winning movie is an all-time favourite and much respected films of our times. The dark neo-noir comedy has some of the most quoted dialogues and mind-blowing screenplay with four different stories, eventually blending into one hotpot crime thriller. The man won the Oscar for the best screenplay for the movie. The cult classic also received Palme D’Or at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival.

Django Unchained  

The movie is flavoured with the essence of classical western cinema; the film is set in the times of the slave trade where Jamie Fox, as Django, plays a freed slave who sets out to free his wife from slavery with the help of a bounty hunter played by Christoph Waltz. The movie stars Leonardo DiCaprio as the villainous slave master and Samuel L. Jackson as his shady butler. The film has sophistication, but it is graphic as it brings out American society’s social dynamics in times of civil war. Waltz won his second Oscar for the movie after Inglorious Basterds.

Kill Bill Vol. I and II

Both of these movies are viewed as one by Tarantino, so we treat them as one. The film is packed with superb dialogues, best action scenes (Vol. I mostly). This revenge flick stars Uma Thurman as the bride, who gives us bloody entertainment with some great action and stunt scenes.

So, which of the above movies is your favourite?

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