The Best of Baltics: Six Unmissable Tourist Attractions In The Baltic Countries

You might have visited Germany, Italy, and maybe even France – but on your next vacation, consider exploring the best of Europe’s Baltic states.

Lying in the northeastern chunk of Europe are the three captivating countries featuring striking capitals, lush green woods, and fascinating Soviet history. The Baltic countries of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia were a part of the erstwhile Soviet Union. Each of the three states has a distinct identity blending with Soviet influences and several medieval Old Towns that have been restored for tourists from around the world. Read on to learn more about some unmissable tourist attractions of the Baltic countries.

The Hill of Crosses, Lithuania

There are over 100,000 crosses embellishing this hill, located north of Siauliai in Lithuania. Family members of the soldiers participating in a battle against the Russians in 1831 left the crosses on the hill, and since then the numbers have only been increasing. This popular yet somber sight is now recognized as a place of pilgrimage for the Catholics. After Lithuania gained independence during the 1990s, the custom of leaving crosses on the hill was revived.

Basilica of the Assumption, Latvia

This Baroque-styled church is identified as one of the most spectacular in Latvia. This splendid basilica’s construction was finished in the 18th century. The Basilica of the Assumption in Aglona is a revered site of pilgrimage attracting over thousands of Christian pilgrims each year. You should visit this site to witness its architectural wonder and the massive collection of sculptures and art.

Narva Castle, Estonia

Narva Castle is a popular attraction in Estonia. This 13th-century castle served as the residence of the vice-Regent to the Danish king. It is now Estonia’s most well-maintained defensive structure. To enjoy a spectacular view of the Narva river and the Estonian landscape, climb to the top of the Tall Hermann Tower.

Riga Central Market, Latvia

The Old Town of Riga features labyrinth-like streets for visitors to explore. The bustling market is a must-visit destination, and other interesting sites include the Riga Castle, Powder Tower, the Three Brothers dwellings, and the House of the Blackheads. Apart from that, you may also enjoy the sight of picturesque churches and buildings in soothing pastel colors.

The Curonian Spit, Lithuania

The Curonian Spit is preserved by UNESCO and is also a World Heritage Site. This natural wonder constitutes a spit spanning 98 kilometers made of sand dunes deposited amid the Curonian Lagoon and Baltic Sea. It is the most popular and imposing natural wonder of Lithuania.

The Baltic states boast their unspoiled nature and rich historic heritage, and all three countries have something for every traveler to enjoy.

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