The Best Overnight Train Journeys In The World

The best train journeys are the ones that happen in the night!

For most people the idea of travelling in trains feels romantic and mystical. The mystical adventures of travelling in trains get doubled up especially if you are on board o sleeper train. Sleeper trains almost feel like a hotel on wheels as you move along the train tracks gazing outside the window comfortably lying in your seat and counting the stars. Here are some of the most magical overnight train journeys that you can take around the world.

The Reunification Express From Hanoi To Ho Chi Minh City

This train journey in Vietnam has been mesmerising its passengers since before the Vietnam War. The train runs from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh city that covers around 1072 miles and almost the entire length of the country. The train takes you the through the historical towns of the country as it crosses the beautiful hills, paddy fields, the beautiful suburbs and of course the gorgeous South China Sea. For the best experience, choose the VIP cabin in the train that has two beds. However, cheaper options are also available from six bed to four bed compartments as well. It takes about 35 hours for the train to complete its entire journey and you are going to love it.

The Caledonian Sleeper From the London To The Scottish Highlands

Europe and especially England is known for its incredible train journeys. The Caledonian Sleeper train journey is one such experience that you should not miss. The train takes you from London to the beautiful Scottish Highlands in about a little over thirteen hours. The train journey gradually thins out from the urban landscape into the countryside view and finally reaches its climax as you enter the dramatically rugged views of the Scottish lands. The train offers a luxurious spread of the English cuisine that you can enjoy while you experience the British landscape outside your window at night.

The Canadian From Toronto Vancouver

The Canadian is one train journey that has been around since the 19th century. It covers a distance of 2700 miles as you experience the diverse landscape of Canada. For entirety of the journey you will get to travel through the mountains, prairies and even the rainforests of Canada. The spectacular landscape changes from shades of yellow fields to snow-capped mountains and is a treat for the eyes.

Urbee Sarkar

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