The Best Places For Scuba Diving In The World

Get a taste of the magical paradise under the waters!

As long as there’s a vast water body before you, scuba diving is not a problem. You usually don’t travel to different parts of the world seeking for the best locations to scuba dive. However, if you are really fond of scuba diving, you might want to take note of some of the best places that would offer you the experience of a lifetime. It is a whole different world under the waters! Here are some of the best places around the world for scuba diving.

Barracuda Point In Malaysia

Malaysia has one of the best coastlines in the world. The islands here also offer some of the most popular scuba diving experiences. The Barracuda Point in the Sipadan Island of Malaysia is one such scuba diving point that you cannot miss. As you dive deep into the waters, notice the majestic coral wall where sharks lazily cruise around you. There is a lot you can find under the waters at the Barracuda Point. The occasional but strong currents that blast over the underwater prairie will give you an unique experience. The Barracuda Point is home to plenty underwater species like the bumphead parrotfish, turtles, jacks, groupers, white tips. Of course, the main attraction under water here is are the barracuda which gives the point its name.

The YongalaIn Australia Is A Shipwreck Site

Right off the Queensland coast is the shipwreck site in Australia called the Yongala. This site of scuba diving is a different experience all together. There are marine live populating the waters under the shipwreck giving it a colourful and vibrant life. You can experience marine flora and fauna here like nowhere indeed. Find yourself swimming among sea snakes, spectacular corals, fish clouds, manta rays, turtles, octopuses, tiger sharks and bull sharks at the Yongala.

The Great Blue Hole In Belize

When seen from above, this scuba diving point looks like a great blue hole that gives it the name. It’s one of the widest and deepest points in the Caribbean for scuba diving and will leave you mesmerized. You will be surrounded by a coral reef that outlines the point as you dive into the water. The reef is filled with vibrant coloured flora and fauna. You can witness ancient caverns, stalagmites in addition to the usual sightings of octopuses and other marine creatures.

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