The Best Post Workout Drinks For Hydration

You would not believe but it’s not water!

Hydration is important for your body, right? We mean you hear doctors recommending you to keep yourself hydrated every day with at least 3 litres of water and if possible, more. However, while water does one hell of a job in keeping you hydrated, after you have finished a workout session you are most likely to require something more than just water. Post your workout session you need to replenish the lost fluids in the body and there are certain drinks that do a better job at it than water. Here are some post workout drinks that offer the best hydration!

Say Yes To Chocolate!

It is not secret that people tend to stay away from chocolate if they are into a good fitness routine. Chocolate adds on to the unwanted calories and people looking to lose weight opt to keep it out of their mouth. But what if we tell you that a chocolate drink after your workout session is actually good for you? Now, obviously we are not recommending you to go ahead and sip on some sinful chocolate milkshake after you have finished you workout. However, you can indulge yourself in a harmless glass of chocolate milk after your workout. The carbs in the chocolate milk would be helpful in replenishing the lost glycogen in the muscles and takes away the muscle fatigue.

Go Nuts With The Coconut

Everybody knows how good coconut water is for the body. It has plenty of nutrients and high concentration of antioxidants to keep your body running smoothly. However, coconut water is a great substitute for water or any other sports drink that you might be reaching out for post a workout session. While coconut water offers a high level of hydration required after a good workout, it has lower amounts of sodium in it that works great for exercises that break a lot of sweat.

A Generous Cup Of Tea For Relaxation

Black or green tea after workout sessions is both hydrating and relaxing. It helps in fat oxidation and also replenishes the muscles of the body after a hardcore workout session. Tea has antioxidant properties that can help in getting rid of any muscle soreness after exercising thereby getting back muscle strength faster. Black or green, tea can lower the cortisol levels and heighten the antioxidant properties after completing your workout.

Urbee Sarkar

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