Published By: Sougata Dutta

‘The Big Bang Theory’: Read Full Review Here

Have you ever tried any sitcom? If yes, you should check out ‘The Big Bang Theory’.

American sitcom shows are quite interesting and stress relieving. They usually set their contents, targeting viewers of different age gaps. But this sitcom, The Big Bang Theory is something else. Most of us know about the popular talks about Big Bang Theory, which refers to the beginning of our universe. So, it seems like science is stuffed with a lot of heavy concepts. But this show is totally based on a different aspect.

Why Big Bang Theory: The Name

As you already know the scientific content behind Big Bang, it's quite obvious that the name holds something amusing. Even for this show, the main characters Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Rajesh aka Raj are well established physicists in a renowned institute, Caltech, whose jobs and positions are literal dreams for many scientists. But in their regular life they got hit by some beautiful and out of the league women as partners. So, the name fits really well for the show.

Social Interaction: Character Development

In the beginning of the show, you will see all the characters have so many delusions and stereotypes to some extent, who don't want any change even if it’s good for them to have. But as the show grows older, remarkable progress is seen. The methods they approach to interact with people is a reflection of science. Most of us have a fear of science, but the way they utilised it, science became fun and comforting.

Their Madness: Sanity in Reality

When you watch Big Bang Theory, you might feel that they all are insane science freak nerds who have nothing to do but sit there and do science job with some boring hobbies. But if you ever try to pursue any of them, you will find how interesting and intimidating they can become.

The Big Bang Theory: Why Choosing This Show

This show is definitely way more moderate than other sitcoms; Full with laughter, logic and knowledge. The character growth will help you to grow and fill you up with energy.

The Ending: The Stockholm syndrome

The show is remarkable but the last episode will tell you a different story. You will find happiness, love and friendship with a huge amount of dedication which can definitely melt your heart away.

Describing the show is not possible and giving spoilers is a crime. If you wish to enjoy the dessert, go, get the whole meal.