The biggest and largest dams of India

Man-made structures will take your breath away

Amidst the breathtaking hilltops, lakes, forests, and wildlife, India also houses reservoirs, aka dams that are built around the rivers to help store the natural water supply. Though a man-made structure, the dams built across the length and breadth of the country are works of complicated architectural design brought to reality. The purpose of these dams is not just to store the fresh and rainwater, but these also act as a protector of the forests by preventing flooding and are also functional in generating hydroelectricity. Currently, India houses more than 4000 large dams, and many are in the pipeline. Presenting here is the list of the biggest and largest dams of India.

Tehri Dam

The highest dam in Asia and India, Tehri Dam, situated on the Bhagirathi River in Uttarakhand, stands tall at the height of 260 meters. This dam is also considered the world’s most significant hydroelectric water project. Within the dam is a reservoir for irrigation, municipal water supply, and the generation of 1,000 megawatts of hydroelectricity. Thanks to its emerald green reservoir, the Tehri Lake, it attracts a lot of tourists. One can go jet and water skiing, kayaking, rafting, water zorbing, and parasailing.

Hirakud Dam

It is also one of the first major multipurpose river valley projects that started after India’s independence. And right behind the dam is the Hirakud Reservoir. This reservoir is a major tourist attraction where one gets to see a good number of migratory birds during winters. Interesting fact, during the construction of the dam, some old temples were discovered, which can be visited in May and June.

Nagarjuna Sagar Dam

World’s largest masonry dam was built across the Krishna River at Nagarjuna Sagar; this dam is a source of irrigation water and electricity provider to the surrounding districts. Nagarjuna Sagar Dam is 490 feet tall, 16 kilometres long, with 26 gates. The reservoir next to the dam is a beautiful spot attracting tourists to Nagarjunakonda Island that is situated in the centre of the lake. This island is home to the remains of the Buddhist settlement that had drowned during the construction and was later relocated there.

Idukki Arch Dam

This double curvature arch dam was constructed across the Periyar River in Idukki District in Kerala. Standing tall at 168.91 meters, it is one of the highest arch dams in Asia, supporting a 780 MW hydroelectric power station in Moolamattom. One of the highest arch dams in Asia, it is constructed in a gorge between two hills, Kuravathi and Kuravan. Adding to the beauty of the dam is the green landscape.

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