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The Biggest Transformations Hollywood Has Undergone Through the Years- Robert Redford

The rotating wheels of time and the conversions that it has brought in Hollywood through the eyes of veteran actor Robert Redford.

At the close of the day, we are all movie buffs pinned on screen for our favourite movie to show. And not just us, be it our grandparents waiting for the weekends to watch a film in the big screen theatre, to the kids logging in Netflix, we have our ways to fancy programs.

But from the hearts of someone who has seen Hollywood from the very first, is it the same? The six decades of Robert Redford in the industry has loads to say about the different approach and ever-changing glamour of the films.

It is obvious the methods and style variances with generations and the 60 years, from the on-screen debut of Maverick 1960, Robert Redford has witnessed the transformation at first hand. His recent interview asserted that the late ’70s and early ’80s, with the upsurge of cable TV’s, commenced following television projects differently. From starring in a remake of Pete’s Dragon, Redford explains that with cable TV being favoured in every household, there was a sudden demand in videos to be aired continuously. That pumped Hollywood as an industry to get more centralized.

The duration of films increased fanatically, and there was no need for short films. The more time the movie ran for, the more was the money. Suddenly studios were seen dwindling and business went through a significant difference in the enterprise.

Robert Redford also did his part to smooth out the climbing popularity. In 1978, he founded an annually held Sundance Film festival in Utah. This was solely done to increase the exposure of fresher stars who were self-sponsored and art films that would not be seen otherwise.

The rest of 38 years were witnessed by competing television channels and movies. The famous studios linger to provide all focus on potential stars.

Even we, the consumers, can spot the disparity between a film shot in the ’70s and now! Especially when it comes to Hollywood, there is no compromise in the production.

Be it acting skills, props, location or special effects, there is no compromise to make the film topnotch.

The best part is, Redford’s festival still has the same appeal and goes on till day, attracting some of the most talented filmmakers of all times.