The cancel culture and what we can learn from it

Cancelling things left and right is the new trend, what have you learnt from it?

Cancel culture is one such trend which has witnessed amateur artists cancelling Picasso and other legends. Yes, it did not just stop at random people but went on to cancel the biggest names in several industries. It has certainly brought out a very specific aspect in human nature and has utilised it to cancel not only people but even several masterpieces.

The philosophy of no discourse

If you watch closely, the cancel culture promotes the idea of zero discourse. While this may be great for getting rid of unhealthy or harmful elements, it can be considered undemocratic at times. And it of course is necessary to maintain equilibrium.

Cancelling anything and everything 

Cancel culture does not promote debate. It only promotes the sense that you can get rid of any idea anytime. It is necessary to understand that this is unhealthy to the extent that it can suppress any and all ideas.

Any positive idea is also prone to getting cancelled

When you think of cancelling something that is essentially harmful to the society or a group in the society, cancel culture may seem alright. But good ideas of positivity, affirmations, organisations are also prone to getting cancelled just because someone believes that it isn’t right.

The positive thing about cancel culture

Collective responsibility is a thing, which is difficult to come by these days. Cancel culture is one such trend that has again sparked this idea of collective opinion. Unlike democratic elections this mainly focuses on groups of people who agree on a certain stance. This can greatly impact fraternity as long as it is kept in check.

Choosing not to participate in it

If you still cannot make up your mind if you are for or against cancel culture then the best option is to opt out of this trend. Why? Well think about the material impact of this trend, is there any? Very less, to be honest. So even if it is for the right cause this particular trend is almost ineffective in ensuring justice or getting rid of harmful ideas. Hence staying away from it is an option you can exercise.

It is just a trend and it will die out too

This trend has spoken out against social injustices, which is why it has survived for so long. Hence it is necessary to note that it is here to stay for a while. But just like all other social media trends, it also has an expiry date and will slowly fade out.

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