The Charm of Handwritten Letters: Why Should It Come Back In Trend?

Letter writing is rewarding, so take some time out to relive the old world charm of connecting through paper and pen.

In the fast-paced era of technological advancement, the warmth of personal touch has become a rarity. The comfort of personal communication has got lost in our reliance towards standardized responses aided by a default template. Not many years ago, the trend of handwritten letter was still intact, but we were drawn towards a smarter way of sending e-mails in an instant. It caught our fancy for some time, but soon our email box had nothing exciting in it save for a few bills, random newsletters and social media updates. As a result, we no longer get excited about e-mails.

Amidst such a mechanical communicative process, the good old letters are a breath of fresh air. Almost everyone from the previous generation possesses old letters, cards, personal notes and diaries stacked up in attic or a cupboard. When randomly discovered, they are read with a heart full of memories and remembrances of the past.

It is so difficult to lose a letter as compared to emails. Physical letters could be touched, felt and read over and over again. The smell of an old letter is a tangible link to the past with a personal stamp of sender’s affection. That’s why our museums are filled with old letters written by people to each other; and are preserved for the next generation. Even letters, notes or diaries of our parents or grandparents are considered as heirlooms of the family.

Writing letters is just so classy. It may be archaic, but it always has a place in our lives. While writing a letter, you sit and think over its contents. It is not reactionary like an email but more relaxed and thoughtful. It is an excellent way to flaunt your handwriting too or a chance to improve it. Most of all, it conveys your significance in someone else’s life and vice versa.

Think of all the effort that goes into it. The content of the letter, the choice of the envelope and postal stamps that you stick over it, and dropping it off in the postal mailbox. Everything reflects your earnestness for a personalized effort. The best part is the time it takes to reach, at a snail’s pace (in today’s world) before finally getting delivered to the sender. It’s loaded with a sense of sweet surprise.

After all, letter writing is an art. It transports you to a state of timelessness where you only concentrate on living in the moment and crafting the words carefully to leave your imprint through your pen.

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