The comedian and method actor James Franco movies to watch

Be it comedy or drama or direction, he has aced it all at once

Actor James Franco is well known for his comic timing as well as for his negative character in the Spiderman movie. The 44-year-old actor began his acting career in television commercials, followed by guest roles on television shows. But the actor’s first break came in 1999 with the leading role in the television series Freaks and Geeks. With the show, Franco rose to popularity and his debut film came with the 2000 movie Never Been Kissed. In a career spanning over a decade, the actor has done some great movies both in comedy and the genre of drama. Here are some James Franco movies that you must watch.

Deuces Wild

This 2002 crime drama film has actors Stephen Dorff, Brad Renfro, and Fairuza Balk besides James Franco. The plot of the film begins with brothers Leon and Bobby Anthony, who are members of a Brooklyn street gang who protect their neighborhood of Sunset Park. The two get onto doing so after their younger brother dies of a drug overdose. Doing so puts them on the radar of the rival group.

The Great Raid

This 2005 war film is based on the Raid at Cabanatuan that took place on the island of Luzon during World War II. The film has actors Benjamin Bratt, Connie Nielsen, Motoki Kobayashi, and Cesar Montano, besides James Franco. The film’s plot begins in 1945 when American forces were closing in on the Japanese-occupied Philippines. The film shows how the Japanese had held around 500 American prisoners and were subjected to brutal treatment as the Japanese code of bushido viewed surrender as a disgrace.

Finishing the Game

This 2007 mockumentary film has its focuses on Bruce Lee’s final movie Game of Death which remained unfinished due to his death. The film was shot in 18 days and comically shows a satire of the 1972 production while addressing the racial stereotypes of the Asian community.

The other James Franco movies are Never Been Kissed, Whatever It Takes, If Tomorrow Comes, Mean People Suck, Spider-Man, Mother Ghost, Sonny, City by the Sea, The Company, Spider-Man 2, The Ape, Fool’s Gold, Tristan &Isolde, Annapolis, The Wicker Man, Flyboys, The Dead Girl, The Holiday, An American Crime, Knocked Up, Spider-Man 3, Good Time Max, In the Valley of Elah, Camille, Nights in Rodanthe, Milk, Howl, Date Night, Shadows and Lies, Eat Pray Love, 127 Hours, Love & Distrust, The Green Hornet, The Broken Tower, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Sal, My Own Private River, and About Cherry.

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