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The Common Man’s connect: Why Pankaj Tripathi Deserves All Our Love

His simplicity and genuineness have not been lost in the glamour of showbiz. This story is an attempt to decode the secret of Pankaj Tripathi’s popularity.

Give Pankaj Tripathi any role, and he shall play it effortlessly and with finesse. The best part of his acting is the perfection reflected in its execution, where he is able to bring life to any character he plays. Whether he is the ruthless gangster Akhandanand Tripathi in Mirzapur, Mr Know-it-all Rudra Bhaiya in Stree, a doting dad in Bareilly ki Barfi or an intense CRPF commandant in Newton, there is a varied range in the characters in his body of work.

There is a sense of comfort in the overall personality of Tripathi, which has a calming impact on the audience. It is because there is an absence of restlessness which adds gravitas to any role played by him. The signature simplicity and minimalism in his performances instantly forms a connection with the audience giving him an edge over the others.

An alumnus of National School of Drama, Tripathi has always been a familiar face on the screen, thanks to an array of small and insignificant roles that he has been playing for over sixteen years. It was his menacing performance as Sultan Qureshi in Gangs of Wasseypur which got him accolades and putting a stamp of acknowledgement on his acting skills.

He is fully aware of his inability to be a conventional ‘hero’ despite his popularity and impressive acting prowess. So, he has smartly accepted the side roles and also making sure that he is noticed and accepted. His road to success has not been smooth, but the adversities have only made him stronger in his acting game.

The Hindi film industry is coming of age with its efforts in offering matured cinematic experience to the viewers and accepting seasoned actors in the mainstream who were always marginalized. This change has worked wonders for actors like Tripathi, who is able to experiment with a variety of roles and continues to evolve himself as an actor. He could be seen as playing a father, side-kick, comedian, character actor or even cameo in movies or series and thereby avoiding any chance of typecasting.

Pankaj Tripathi also brings the flavour of small town simplicity and charm with him that pulls people towards him. His interviews and social media posts are loved by his fans because he has no airs about being a celebrity. There is a sense of timelessness and serenity in his personality, which makes him a common man’s favourite.

A powerhouse of talent, the actor continues to impress us with his impeccable acting skills and charming nature. We hope to see the best of him in the coming future.

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