The dark side of Mukbangs

The food journey went through cooking shows, travel and has now come down to Mukbangs, but there’s a dark side to this!

Foodies love binge watching shows which have lots of different food showcased from different parts of the world. This has gone on from generation after generation, and the trend of binge watching has only increased over time. Mukbang is one such thing that originated from South Korea back in 2010 and has since taken over YouTube and Facebook. But there is a dark side to this series of events and it is very concerning. Let’s explore more!

The problem with the food

Most of the foods that Mukbangers eat are quite unhealthy. The amount of food is another problem. This is mostly because all such food has a high fat content and when eaten altogether can give rise to serious problems over time. Mostly Mukbangers eat an enormous amount of food as required by the trend. Now it is easily noticeable that it is next to impossible to eat this huge amount of food unless you are severely starving and even then, you cannot eat this much food in a single sitting if you just want to curb your hunger.

Overeating tendencies

As mentioned before, this trend requires Mukbangers to eat enormous amount of food. Now this is not some normal restaurant challenge that a travel blogger does once in a while. This is a serious content requirement where the views are based on overeating. So, Mukbangers repeat the same thing over and over as that is the only type of content for which they have received the fan following.

Fake eating

To keep up the views, Mukbangers have even sometimes kept themselves from eating their usual course of meal. This is done so that they are hungry enough to eat this much amount of food in a single sitting. Sometimes they feel unwell, clear their stomach one way or another and come back to record some more footage of them finishing the huge meal just for views. Fans often get offended by this claiming that these types of videos are not true in a way. So the basic sense of having empathy for another human being is also lost in translation.

Loss of health over time

It goes without saying that if you keep making more videos each week that means you are eating in this particular way more frequently. This also means that you are staying hungry for a longer period of time just to be able to record these videos. This can be serious problem overtime because the body is switching from no food to huge quantity of food to digest within a short time span.

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