The deficiency of vitamin D in children from urban cities

Vitamin D is an important vitamin that is needed by all. However, due to lack of sunlight at homes, several studies have found that there is a deficiency of Vitamin D in children, especially in those who hails from cities. To cure the deficiency of Vitamin D, the concerning authorities have taken several steps including the promotion of awareness and informing people about its negative effects. However, it is observed that people should have to be aware themselves in order to deal with this deficiency.

The problem with people living in the metro cities is that they do not get proper amount of sunlight. The infrastructure of the houses and the landscape of the cities does not allow them to have proper space to breathe. If you look at the geological landscape of most of the towns and big states, you will notice few types of house structures. There are people or communities who are living in some kind of ghettos for their safety and also because ghettos are cheaper as compared to the proper colonies. One of the major drawbacks of ghettoisation is that people have become deprived of basic needs like sunlight. Another type of housing landscape includes colonies which have become too claustrophobic.

Rent system and claustrophobic spaces

The main reason behind this is the fact that people are giving houses on rent to generate revenue, which in turn have limited the resources. If you want vitamin D from the natural and most important source, that is, the sun, you will have to either go on the roof every morning or you need to visit the park. The deficiency of vitamin D in cities is so severe that doctors are prescribing a regular Vitamin D drop for newborns which should be given till the age of two.


Even after giving vitamin D drops, people are complaining that their children are lazy and they feel sign of being lethargic all the time. To curb this problem, parents are taking their children to nearby parks everyday but the harsh sunlight and the climate of cities does not allow them to go outside in some months of the year. This lack of facilities and planning has led to a severe reduction in the consumption of vitamin D which has some serious health effects on the body. One can consume vitamin D from eatables but it is important to have it from sunlight. If you are living in an urban city, then it becomes more important for you to take your child out at morning and play with him in sunlight.

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