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The disastrous effects of inactivity

Nothing kills more brain cells than inactivity.

And ever since we have imbibed the digitalized lifestyle of working remotely, people have stopped so much as leaving their bedrooms.  This generation is increasingly getting in the habit of eating, drinking, sleeping and working all in the same place throughout the day.  When it comes to physical activities, or anything resembling that sort of exercise, it has been reduced to getting groceries.  Well, not quite; technology has gotten its hand there as well.  You can download an app and order your groceries and expect it all to be delivered to your doorstep in two hours.  In such a technology-dominated environment, the traditional activities that were once integral parts of our lives have been made invisibilized.

We might not yet realize it, but a system like that is not sustainable; it can only get us into a spiral of fatigue, inactivity and as an invariable result, it can majorly harm our brainpower, slowing us and making us dumber, hampering the pace of creating newer neural pathways, sitting at a place for too long has other disastrous effects as well, like, obesity, depression,heart disease, dementia, and cancer.

And it doesn’t stop there, it also changes certain neurons in our brains, and that’s irreparable damage.  All in all, it’s of optimum importance for us to understand that movement is good.  We cannot afford to be this highly agiledigitalizedworld; we need movement more now than ever.  Movement releases a kind of hormone that makes us feel better.  Endorphins are happy hormones that help our brain perform better and faster while keeping our hearts healthy and happy.

If we keep working while sitting during the day, we tend to hold our breaths while typing on computers, which is quite noticeable.  Holding breaths leads to a lower amount of oxygen inside the body and brain, which directly affects our brain, muddying our thought process, causing us to have poor focus and fatigue.

The answer is not to hit the gym every day or hire a trainer, nothing of that sort.  All you need to do is the plan at least 20 to 30 minutes of movement every day. Then, you can try the popular 10000 steps routine.  And don’t excuse yourself out with time; a better schedule can and will make you feel more into your happy place.  Get moving!

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