Published By: Sougata Dutta

The Ending Of The Movie ‘Verónica’ And Its Tragic Tussle

The film is an excellent cat and mouse game between the psychologist and the problematic protagonist. 

Verónica is a film about a female psychologist, a lady that is never named in the film actually. So it would be easier if we named her, “The Psychologist”. Our aforementioned psychologist basically takes on a new case of a very bothered woman…coincidentally, named Verónica.

Anyway, the psychologist sends invitations to Verónica to come to her secluded cabin in the woods to start treatment. The rest of the film is the excellent cat and mouse game between the psychologist and the problematic protagonist.

The beginning

The film begins when the psychiatrist receives a phone call asking, nay begging, her to take on any other client, even though she isn’t taking on clients anymore. But, as quickly as Verónica arrives at the cabin with the psychologist, the game is on.

As the duel continues, the psychologist is unable to get in contact with Verónica’s previous psychologist, in order to get her data and her history. But regardless, the psychologist begins to make developments when she decides to hypnotise Verónica. And it is at some point of this episode that the psychologist learns that Verónica’s mother used to abuse her in a shack close to their home when she was growing up.

But at this point, Verónica starts making advances towards her psychologist. Because the psychologist’s reminiscence of things seems to be a bit unreliable now. So, the day after, Verónica climbs into bed with the psychologist, she has no idea what she is talking about. Thus things are turning into more and more unstable.

The twist

Eventually, Veronica gets killed by her therapist. Then began the real twist. Her death reveals the eerie truth behind the curtain. Eventually, the audience gets to know that there was no therapist actually.. It all was in our head.

Verónica is an excellent movie in the psychological thriller genre. Now that we recognize the proper hook of this specific movie, there is truly no one else here in this film other than Verónica.

And as the “psychologist” starts attempting to deal with herself, she first has to discover her very own past in order to accurately treat… herself.