The Era Of James Webb Telescope: The advancement of space science

The principle of reflection and Refraction and moreover the phenomena of Optics is well preserved with JWST.

The era of Astronomy and Astrophysics has been flourishing for a decade, but now with more solid and updated equipment this science is going to take the speed of a rocket and it will make its way towards infinity. The positioning of the James Webb Telescope is one of the stepping stones for mankind, which will disclose more secrets of the universe in images. Human civilization is the most hungry species when it comes to gaining knowledge. In the era of JWST, we are certain that we are going closer towards unfolding more dimensions of truth.

JWST: A Creation With A Beautiful Concept

It is said that, Scientists have the most beautiful taste of art with logic. A form of art they use, can be mathematically deduced. This hypothesis got another proof as JWST. The hexagonal mirrors, gold coated with the same diameter, preserved the definition of beauty. Other than shape and size, it can work on the territory of near infrared range. The deduction of red and orange light is more efficient in this field. Although this telescope is a bigger version of honey-comb structure.

JWST Vs Hubble Space Telescope: Beginning of New Era

The Hubble Space Telescope itself was a great discovery by the scientists in the dawn of 1990. A low orbiting tool with maximum achievements in the past decade. After the introduction of JWST, HST lost a bit of its superiority in some sense. JWST can capture objects 100 times farther than HST with more efficiency. The capturing power of JWST is also another perk. The Mystery behind Reionization of the early Universe seems some yards apart now.

Capability with Efficiency: Sunshield

JWST has a sunshield which can protect it from any solar flare or solar storm. Through the flaws scientists also learnt how to use resources for a greater future. This shield is not only for saving the telescope from outer threats but also to maintain its principle. In order to travel in the infrared region, this shield will stop the overwhelming temperature and light  radiated by the Sun.

JWST: The Light Phenomena

The principle of reflection and Refraction and moreover the phenomena of Optics is well preserved here. The accuracy of its focal point and clicking breathtaking photos is surely remarkable.

The Language Of JWST: The Script

The script or the software used in JWST is strong enough to give mind reliving datas. ASCII is the nervous system and the limbs are modified JavaScript. JWST knows how to win hearts of crores. It was taught carefully and significantly.

This era might never end.

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