Published By: Sougata Dutta

The Evolution Of Street Art: From Graffiti To Murals

A historic study on street art!

Does street art fascinate you? If yes, then you must know that it has come a long way since the graffiti culture origins of what was once perceived as vandalism is now known as the legitimate art form featuring murals and public installations adorning several buildings and public spaces globally. This guide is your perfect place to learn everything about the evaluation of street art. Street art has gained a lot of prominence, so you must know what it is all about, and you can identify it wherever you go around.

Graffiti works as a self-expression form.

The beginning

One must know that this art form has been a form of self-expression and rebellion for several years now. There are several examples present in the Pompeii ruins. Graffiti emerged as the expression for marginalised communities in New York City back in 1970 as young people used to just spray paint to ensure that their voices were heard. Over time this art has just become a form of protest, but today you can see it as an art form as several artists are developing their own unique styles and techniques to create colourful murals on the sides of buildings. Despite the stigma linked with graffiti, it continues to thrive as an art form or even a form of self-expression for you if you feel that you are ignored by mainstream society.

The rise of street art

Street art started to move beyond graffiti forms. Today you can see artists using different materials, like stencils and wheat paste besides stickers, to create amazing work, but that was generally more accessible to the public. Only street art has started to incorporate political and social commentary; besides, you can come across subtle images that captivate the imagination of the target audience.

This is all one needs to know about the rise of street art and how one can express your feelings through art forms. Street art is going to change with time, but one must also know the trends which are here to stay and how one can discriminate between the different varieties. If someone is interested in knowing about street art, it is necessary to learn things so that one can stay updated all the time.