The famous movies of veteran actress Joanne Woodward

Having slain the screen for over six decades, there is a lot to watch of this actress

Joanne Woodward is an actress, producer, and philanthropist who spread her magic on the screen for over six decades. Woodward made her screen debut with television in the early 1950s is considered to be one of the last major stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood. It was in the late 1950s that Woodward mesmerized the audiences and critics with her leading performance in The Three Faces of Eve. It was her portrayal of a woman with three distinct personalities that gave her first Academy Award for Best Actress. After that, there was no looking back for the actress who went on to work in various genres. So here is a list of a few of Woodward’s films you must watch.

The End

This 1978 film by director Burt Reynolds, who also stars in it, also stars Dom DeLuise, Sally Field, and Kristy McNichol, besides Joanne Woodward. The film back then received mixed reactions for it was an accumulation of antic comedy, insensitive and offensive narrations. Reynolds portrays the role of Wendell Sonny Lawson, a real estate professional. The story picks up when he is wrongfully diagnosed with a fatal disease. As through the film Reynolds character meets people, he also encounters Jessica Lawson, played by Woodward, and things change.

Harry And Son

This 1984 film, directed by her husband Paul Newman – who also stars in it – stars Ronald Buck, Robby Benson, and Ellen Barkin, besides Woodward in a supporting role. The film follows a widowed construction worker and his struggles of dealing with his son, who aims to be a writer. And Woodward portrays as a loyal and loving friend of Newman’s late wife, but who has always been secretly in love with Newman.

Rally ‘Round The Flag Boys!

This 1958 film by director Leo McCarey stars Paul Newman, Joan Collins, Jack Carson, and Woodward. This film is the couple’s second film together, and the two in this comic satire set in the backdrop of a small town of America is thrilling. The story revolves around this couple, wherein Woodward portrays the character of a woman who is highly active in local politics and keeps on dragging her husband, played by Newman, to all community events. But things quickly change and take an uphill turn.

Woodward is also the earliest surviving Academy Award winner in a leading category. A few other of Joanne Woodward’s films are The Age Of Innocence, No Down Payment, The Sound, and the Fury, The Fugitive Kind, From the Terrace, Paris Blues, The Stripper, A Big Hand for the Little Lady, A Fine Madness, and Rachel Rachel among others.

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