The Fascinating Life Of The First Free Black Person In The US

Most People Equate Success With Intelligence And Conscientiousness, Which Translates To Work For Ethic And Organization. However, In Practice, It Has Been Observed That There Are So Many Highly Intelligent Yet Unsuccessful People In This World. Amazing! Isn’t It? It Is Not Imperative That High Iq People Are Often Highly Successful.

If We Analyze This Equation, We Can Find Out The Reasons Behind The Failure Of High Intelligence People.

There Is One Theory That The Risk Of Mental Illness Increases Exponentially With High Intelligence And Is Often Expressed As Depression. Beethoven, The Great Musician, Was A Victim Of Severe Depression, Which Led Him To Incessant Drinking And Ultimate Demise. Sometimes, Sad Music Becomes An Inspiration For Depressed People. It Seems, Beethoven Has Used His Depression For His Creativity, Which Is Not An Option For Most People. For Them, Mental Illness Hinders Them From Achieving Their Potential To The Full.

Other Than Mental Illness, There Are Some Other Factors, Which Lead Us Towards Success. Often, It Is Seen That A Highly Intelligent Student, Who Is A Hero Of His College, Becomes A Mediocre Person In His Mature Years. Whereas, A Mediocre Student, Who Somehow Lags In His Or Her Classes And Is Frequently Falling Behind In Studies, Can, In Turn, Become A Successful Professional, Just With A Hint Of Grooming. In Fact, To Become A Successful Professional, Some Other Factors Are Needed, Such As Soft Skills Or A Skill To Successfully Communicate To People And ‘To Read Them Properly As Also Diligence. In Order To Become Successful, We Not Only Need To Speak Well But To ‘Listen Well’ Too.

It Is Also Important To Be Ethical And Conscientious So That We Treat Everyone Equally, Irrespective Of Their Wealth Or Social Status. This May Be The Weakness Of Many Intelligent People. They May Lack Soft Skills And The Skill To Communicate With People. In Fact, There Are Many So-Called ‘Intelligent’ People Whose Arrogance Alienate Them From Other People And Hinders Their Success. However, We Can’t Blame These Intelligent People For Their Ego, As It Is Not Their Fault That Since Birth, They Are Hearing About How High Their Iq Is.

There Are Also Examples Where A Person With Maximum Iq Could Not Finish High School As Their Family Atmosphere Was Not Conducive To Education. When A Pupil With A High Iq Has No Help From His Family For His Studies, He Should Have Help From His Teachers Or Society As A Whole.

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