The four fundamental concepts of psychoanalysis

Know about the four fundamental concepts of psychoanalysis and understand how it impacts you.

Psychoanalysis is a nuanced stream where many major role models have introduced their different thought schools.  We have all heard of Sigmund Freud’s “Interpretation of Dreams” and how that has explored our psyche to its deepest core.  The modernist psychoanalyst, who was literally the first of his name as he introduced the term psychoanalysis, was truly a master, and he first introduced us, the human world, to the concept of the unconscious.

The Unconscious

Freud’s idea of the unconscious was that in the deepest parts of our minds hide our core truth, and just like we sometimes lie to others about ourselves, we might even do that to our own selves.  Our unconscious hides our truth, and there lies the key to all our problems.  JaquesLacan, next in line as a psychoanalysis ideologue, has unfolded unconscious as a form of language.  He elaborates that the unconscious for us, humans, is the ‘language of the others’.

The Transference

Another major concept that is dealt with in and out of psychoanalysis is the concept of Transference.  It occurs when a person associates an image or an object with childhood trauma and projects the emotion they feel for the trauma onto the particular object.  When this incident occurs, it is called Transference.  It’s when one’s emotions are transferred into an unrelated object.

The Repetition

In psychoanalysis, the occurrence of repetition is a major phenomenon, and people often experience it in varied situations.  People suffering from trauma tend to repeat their experiences over and over again, which triggers their trauma all over and gets them on edge.

The Drive

Last but not least is the concept of Drive.  Sigmund Freud first introduced the concept of Drive in relation to his work around Death Drive that humans have.  Drive-in psychoanalysis speaks of any form of motivation, anything that motivates people to do things that they do.  This forms a major concept of psychoanalysis and can be seen across different approaches in psychosis.

There have been multiple theories around psychoanalysis, and concepts like the four major ones impact all the theories around which the theories have been weaved around.  Now, if we look into ourselves deeply, we can see these factors playing intimate roles in our psyche.  All we can do is introspect!

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