The German Autobahn: Let’s drive the German way

Let’s dive into the world of the legendary Autobahn famous for having no speed limits. Is it true? How safe is it? Are there any rules to drive on it? Read on to find out more.

Every driver’s fantasy, Autobahn, is Germany’s controlled-access highway system. Because of the excellent network of motorways, German Autobahn has no general speed limit. Yes, it’s true! Now before you pack your bags and take the next flight to Germany to be the next Michael Schumacher, here are some things you should know.

Is there no speed limit on Autobahn?

To satisfy their need to speed, tourist often jumps to the first opportunity to drive on Autobahn. But there are restrictions in certain places such as near construction sites, close to towns, and near dangerous sections of roads. Almost 40% of Autobahn has speed restriction. There is also a general speed recommendation of 130 km per hour. Pay attention to areas with speed limit signs, when you venture out of these zones, you can speed up as you want.

Is it safe?

Yes, comparatively speaking German Autobahn system is the safest in Europe. There are a couple of reasons for that. Firstly, the roads are very maintained. Autobahn is inspected regularly for any damages or irregularities on the road surface. Secondly, cars in Germany are required to have a regular inspection to see whether they are safe to drive or not. Also, German drivers are considered as some of the best drivers in the world. Why? Because of the stringent driving license test. It is said that nobody passes the test in one go. On top of it, drivers must also have a basic first aid training.

Are there any traffic rules that drivers should keep in mind?

There are specific rules you are required to follow while driving on Autobahn.

  1. Your vehicle should have a minimum speed of 60 km per hour. Moped, bicycle and pedestrians are not allowed.
  2. You cannot stop, park or make U-turn on Autobahn.
  3. Passing other vehicles though right side can make you cough up heavy fine
  4. You can enter or exist on marked interchanges.
  5. Running out of fuel is illegal on Autobahn!
  6. During traffic Jam, vehicles are supposed to be in the right and left lanes, therefore creating a channel in between so that emergency vehicle can pass through.
  7. Driving through an Autobahn is toll-free, only heavy vehicles such as trucks have to pay the toll.

After all, Autobahn remains a source of delight for drivers all across the globe. So, we leave you to daydream of driving on the magnificent German Autobahn as you are making way through your daily traffic jam.

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