The Greatest Showman: Hugh Jackman

Five best performances of Hugh Jackman that shows he is more than just wolverine

An actor, dancer, musician and producer, there is nothing that this man can’t do. Holding the Guinness World Record for “longest career as a live-action Marvel superhero” Hugh Jackman became a sensation in the movie industry after getting the part of the Marvel superhero the Wolverine. Jackman didn’t play the character; he lived it for 17 years. There is no denying that what he is today is because of the character wolverine but it would be wrong if we say it is his best performance. When it comes to his acting skill, Jackaman has proven himself many times. He is versatile in choosing his roles and plays each character with utmost sincerity and passion. He is a multiple Primetime Emmy Award, Grammy Award, Tony Award winner and has also been nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor. Here are some of his best works that you should not miss.

The Fountain

A blend of romance and science fiction, Darren Aronofsky’s “The Fountain” offers a bold concept about mortality and the meaning of human existence. The story portrays three different sets of lovers over three different periods and five different centuries, all intercut together and told non-linearly, featuring Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz. Jackman portrays 16th-century conquistador Tomás Verde, 21st-century neuroscientist Tom Creo and Tommy, a 26th-century space traveller, all very different characters who united in the love for Weisz’s characters. Although the movie didn’t do well in the theatres, Hugh Jackman’s performance witnessed much applause.


With a director like Christopher Nolan and co-stars like Christian Bale and Michael Cane, it is easier to get outshined by their performances. But Hugh Jackman didn’t let that happen, he was at par with them, and emerged as one of the strongest characters in the film. Set in 1878, The Prestige presents a multi-layered conflict, superficially about magic but extending to the intellectual and psychological levels, between two magicians. The film offers both fantastic acting performances and a compelling narrative structure.

Les Miserable

Tom Hooper’s film “Les Miserables” is an adaptation of the musical sensation based on Victor Hugo’s epic tome of the same name, for which Jackman has brought all of his musical-theatre skills to the forefront. Unlike any other musical performance of Jackman’s, this performance draws upon both his musical ability and his considerable dramatic skills to create a fully-realized Valjean, and he has done that perfectly which brought him critical acclaim. For this performance, Jackman received his first Best Actor Oscar nomination, as well as nominations for two Screen Actors Guild Awards.


One of the most awaited and celebrated films of Hugh Jackaman, Logan is his last film as Wolverine. The film is both emotional and charismatic. Unlike any other X- Men movie, this movie is not about supernatural powers, it has a human touch and angle to it and portrays emotions and vulnerabilities. The movie deconstructed the myth of the invincible Wolverine, presenting a more human superhero who is vulnerable and subjected to the same anxieties as the rest of us. This movie has a different fan base and is no doubt among the best of the X- Men series.


Directed by Dennis Villeneuve ‘Prisoners’ is a film about a father’s journey on finding his child who was abducted. Starring Hugh Jackman as the father and Jake Gyllenhaal as the investigating officer, the acting of the film stole the show. Jackman’s portrayal of a father torn with guilt, terror and dismay is a perfect example of what we call a class apart acting. Jackaman has always been typecast as a song-and-dance man but performances like this tell us how good and versatile an actor he is. Prisoners is no doubt his most captivating and intense performances.

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