Published By: Sougata Dutta

The Hidden Beauty Behind Simple Things

Nature is simple and beautiful; it is the perception of things that makes it even more wonderful 


Nature is filled with minute samplings of objects. The biggest things have the smallest secrets. Except they are not small, to be honest. The way things are, they essentially tend to fall into the mannerism of what we called today the butterfly effect. The butterfly effect is called so because as per the domain of statistical mechanics the fluttering wings of a butterfly in some deep Amazonian Forest can bring about a storm in the Pacific. Such is the wonder of the butterfly effect. 


The Flower: An Artist’s Sight and a Scientist’s Depth into the Beyond

Feynman once wrote that even though his friend could completely appreciate and contemplate the beauty of a flower from just seeing it standing under the sun near some rock, he could do that and even further. The knowledge of all the processes inside that flower possessed by a scientist allows them to look beyond the perception of mere sight and into a realm hidden behind it all. The pores of a flower, the droplets of water, and the subtle processes that make it all happen are nothing short of one of the most wonderful things the human mind can enjoy on this planet. For there are just so many things to look for in the simplest of things.


The Hidden World of the Microscopic: The Common Things Around Us

Even in the most common things such as the cork of a bottle, one can find a world of empty cells with their not so seemingly majestic beauty of unparalleled vision of the small – beyond the sight of the human eyes. In that realm of small creations lie the smallest things one can find in nature. An entire ecosystem trying to strive and survive – all of it only to live.


The Beauty of the Largest: Beauty in Front of Us

Often, we do not realize the earth is spherical and the universe is boundless. The largest of the largest things have austere might and zest in their proud existence. Such as that of a star. Its heart burns into the incandescent light of unfathomable mysteries which seek an iron resolve. Such subtle beauteous things hide in our plain sight, we can't observe those. Living in their turbulent worlds they remain right before our eyes while we live in a world, perhaps just as turbulent as theirs.