The History of Bridal Hairstyle

Obsessing over your hairstyle is not a new generation thing. Here is how styles have shaped the beautification of brides through centuries.

The relationship between a girl and her hair goes deep. Be it experimenting with hairstyles, trying out various cuts, wearing all kinds of colours, straightening, curling, perming…the list goes on! Wearing the perfect hairstyle is no less than wearing a crown on your head, and when it comes to the bride’s special day, it always has to be perfect.

Some of the iconic hairstyles through the centuries have become great examples to follow through the rolling ages. Here are some of the most beautiful hairstyles to follow to make the special day even more glamourous.

From the early 1900s, photographs show that hair played a significant role in beautification. Why depend on the gown and makeup only when the hairstyle can have the best makeover effect on you. The 20th century brought the piling of hair high up and then curling it with a Marcel iron. Hats and feathers were trendy to amplify the look.

With the welcome of the 1920s, the fashion drifted a little from hair ties to blunt and bob. The sleek, angled hair styled carefully not to touch the shoulder played well with the jawline. Women coming out of their homes made it necessary for them to have a manageable hair length to fight everyday pollution and time maintaining. Popularising of short haircut was more than you could thank for in those days.

The era of WWII was somewhat harsh, and if you follow the women of history, rarely will you find one flaunting a cascade of hair. That was the time curls crept in. even women with long hair prepared to exhibit the short length by curling them so that they spring up naturally.

Similar to the curls, the ’50s brought a more sophisticated method. It has lush and thicker rings with skull caps to make sure every bride looked like a princess.

The onset of 1960 was all about volume. You would probably laugh at the beehive hairstyles, but you were perhaps not in trend back then if you did not have one. The higher the veil went, the more exotic was the bridal look.

The 1970s welcomed letting the hair down. Inspired by Bohemian and hippie culture, long feathered wedding hairstyles could be seen flaunting under transparent and lacey veils. The usual decoration with flowers and tiaras were expected, but the catch was flaunting straight lush waistline hair.

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