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The Importance Of A Consistent Sleep Schedule

Maintain sleep cycle, maintain health


Sleep is an essential part of human life. Every adult needs at least 5-6 hours of sleep daily. If the age is less or more, the amount of sleep needed is slightly more. Without proper sleep, the digestive system does not function properly, the body does not secrete enough hormones, and the development of the body is impaired.

But not only sound sleep but its schedule and timing too are most required. If there is no fixed bedtime, if one sleeps irregularly or if the sleeping cycle is disturbed in any way, it has a direct effect on the body. It can cause a variety of sleep problems, insomnia, anxiety, headaches, nerve problems, and more. To avoid these, it is important to maintain a regular sleep cycle and sleep accordingly. The reasons why it is necessary to maintain a sleep cycle are discussed below. 


To have a deep sleep

It is necessary to have a scheduled sleep cycle to have a deep sleep. One can’t have a usual deep sleep if the sleep cycle is disturbed or interrupted. Going to bed at different times on different days affects the density of sleep. There, bad dreams do come and a night of proper deep sleep can never be achieved with such an irregular practice. 


To maintain the circadian rhythm 

All the body cycles like water cycle, blood cycle, food cycle follow the circadian rhythm. And sleep time is very vital in this circadian rhythm as it is that vital period when most of the growth hormones and other pituitary hormones are released and activated. The BMR rate remains very high while sleeping. Hence, a proper sleep cycle is necessary to be maintained for the successful completion of all these physical metabolic processes. 


To maintain a daily scheduled life

Usually, a day gets scheduled according to the sleep cycle. So, regularly maintaining a sleep cycle helps in maintaining daily scheduled activities and following a routine lifestyle. Breaking the sleep cycle breaks the entire schedule of the day and hence it affects mental health.


To get a good health

All the advantages of maintaining the sleep cycle are either directly or indirectly linked to health issues. So, it is already clear how vital it is to follow the sleep cycle regularly.


Experts say that, for an adult, an ideal time for waking up is between 6-8 am and the ideal bedtime is 10-12 at night. The sleep cycle can be considered for some emergency purposes, but making a bad habit of breaking it is never healthy. 

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