The Importance Of Cooling Down After Exercise

Why is it necessary to cool down every time

Exercises are essential to live a healthy life. Some people go to the gym to have their regular workouts. Besides, some follow yoga. They have proper exercise planning for their daily life.

Other than that, most people are devoid of any physical exercise in their daily lives.

But, everybody knows that regular exercises are very much essential to have good health. One should at least do free hand exercises for both the upper and lower body to be physically fit and healthy.

There are so many exercises to be done daily. But, after each exercise, a minimum break is necessary to cool down the body.

Here are the necessities of Cooling down mentioned below.

To reduce pulse rate

Doing any exercise increases the speed of blood flow in the body. As a result, heart rate and pulse rate also increase. So after doing one exercise, at least 30 seconds of cooling down is required before starting another exercise. And if you do a relatively heavy exercise, cooling down is necessary for 3-5 minutes.

To let the blood pressure come to a balance

Exercise also increases blood pressure by increasing the speed of blood flow. Exercising for a long time can lead to an excessive increase in blood pressure which can lead to various physical problems. So after exercising for 8-10 minutes, it is necessary to give some time for the blood pressure to return to normal. That’s why cooling down is needed.

To let the muscles be flexible

Exercise, especially heavy exercise, causes the muscles to work harder and burns a lot of calories, which leads to muscle fatigue. As a result, it is no longer possible to exercise continuously. Cooling down takes some time for the muscles to return to normal.

To take proper breathe 

As the speed of blood flow increases, so does the speed and depth of breathing. It is difficult to breathe properly when the speed of breathing increases to the final level after long-term exercise. Therefore, after cooling out, and taking a short break, the breathing returns to normal. Then with adequate breathing, one should move on to the next exercise.

To reduce body temperature 

Prolonged exercise warms the body, raises the body temperature, and causes persistent sweating. So after one exercise, it is necessary to rest for a while and cool down and start the next exercise. The naming of the cooling-out process came from here.

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