The inspiring tale of Sandeep Singh, the phoenix of Indian hockey

The story of strength and grit of the captain of the hockey team who fought and who rose like a phoenix to become a legend.

If one has to describe the life of Sandeep Singh, it is a story that would motivate generations never to give up hope and courage even in the darkest phases of their life. He was an excellent Hockey player who brought laurels to the country. But a cruel accident paralyzed him and his chance of playing again flew out of the window. What happened next can only be described as one of the most inspiring stories of determination that can make the impossible possible.

The glory of the Haryana’s Flicker Singh

Sandeep Singh was inspired to play hockey by his elder brother Bikramjeet Singh. He debuted in international hockey in the year 2004 for Sultan Azlan Shah Cup where Sandeep gave a remarkable performance and won many medals. His lightning-fast speed and flick garnered a lot of attention and everyone started calling him Flicker Singh.

The day that changed his life forever

It all happened when he was leaving for his camp in the year 2006 in Shatabdi Express. They were supposed to leave for Germany for the World Cup. But during the journey, he was accidentally shot in the lower back by a policeman as a result he was paralyzed. Everyone mourned for him as it seemed his sporting career was over and he too began losing hope to play again.

Recovery made a sheer determination and a sturdy comeback

He was bedridden for two years and during this time, he vowed to fight back and emerge stronger than ever. He remarked that after the accident everyone believed that he would not ever return to the ground but he never left the belief. He said that he knew that he would come back stronger than ever, which he did. After making full recovery he came back to the field and played brilliantly. He was such an exceptional player during this time that he was promoted to the captain of the hockey team. The team won several accolades including winning Sultan Azlan Shah Cup after 13 years and even became a star performer in the 2012, Olympic qualifiers. He went to become the highest-paid marquee player in the Hockey India League and was awarded Arjuna Award in the year 2010.

A movie named “Soorma” starring Diljit Dosanjh, was based on the life of Sandeep Singh was released in the year 2018.

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