The legacy of Prithviraj Kapoor in Indian Cinema

Prithviraj Kapoor is an one of the prominent members of the group, who led the foundation of Indian cinema. He is regarded as the pioneer of the film industry who have contributed in its inception and survival in the earlier days. Even today, his grandsons and great grandsons are active in the film industry.

Prithviraj Kapoor is a name synonymous with Indian cinema, most notably, Hindi cinema which is commonly known as Bollywood. The actor and producer who have given some memorable performances started his career as a theatre actor. He was got married at the age of 15 but that didn’t stop him from making his name in the cinema. Prithviraj Kapoor’s love for theatre was undying. It even led him to start his own theatre in Bombay which is famously known as Prithvi Theatre. Yes, the historical theatre which was given numerous brilliant actors to the Indian film industry is a product of Prithviraj Kapoor’s imagination. It was run by his son Shashi Kapoor after his death.

Prithviraj Kapoor was known for his nuanced performances. His most famous role came in the magnum opus, Mughal E Azam, where he played the role of Akbar. He even collaborated with his son Raj Kapoor on multiple occasions. Prithviraj Kapoor saw many deaths in his life, including his own children. Raj Kapoor, who has made his name in the Bollywood was prospered and mentored by Prithviraj Kapoor.

The famous Kapoor family of Bollywood who is known to produce brilliant actors and filmmakers in every generation is his family. The earlier days of Indian cinema were very difficult for an artist. It was a time when the country was struggling for independence and there were very few resources available for making films. Prithviraj Kapoor, who was already a big name in the theatre circuit, tried his hand in Bollywood and supported many filmmakers in their difficult phases. His legacy is such that he starred in Alam Ara, first talking film of the country and even with his child, Raj Kapoor.

Prithviraj Kapoor also became an active member of Rajya Sabha after his retirement from cinema. He recieved several accolades in his life, most prominently, DadasahebPhalke award for his contribution to the Hindi film industry. Kapoor, born in Lahore, Pakistan has done many roles in his life but he is widely known for his marvelous portrayal of Alexander the great in Sikandar and for his role in Awara. The legend left this world at the age of 65 in 1972.

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