The Legend of Michael Jackson, the King of Pop

The ultimate pop icon, who has influenced a generation of music lovers with his music and his impeccable dancing style. His “Moonwalk” is an iconic moment in pop culture. Let’s reminisce the legend of Michael Jackson.

The most successful artist of his times, with 13 Grammy awards, Michael Jackson, was unstoppable when it came to his music. Not just music, he inspired generations of performers by his unique style of fashion, dancing and his metaphorical music videos. When today you see somebody in his signature gloves and curly hair moonwalking, you realize what a legend he was.

His musical Legacy

He was the best-selling artist of all time with his music ranging from rock to blues, from disco to soulful composition, he had something for everyone. His signature cries, grunts and gasps gave a sense of emotion in the song which was beyond any language. He often wrote his songs which were full of symbolism, gave message against prejudices, love for the environment and making a difference in the world.

His influence on dance

Michael Jackson changed the way the world danced. He started the trend of singers dancing meticulously in live performance and music videos. His legendary moonwalk, toe stand and signature freeze-frame have inspired many. Most of his performances were very well rehearsed and perfect, which made the crowd go crazy. His most famous and perhaps mysterious dance step would undoubtedly be leaning forward at 45 degrees. His dancing style inspired singers like Beyoncé and Brittany Spears, who conveyed their music through dance.

As a Fashion Icon:

His unique and eccentric choice of fashion has an effect on people to this day. Who can forget his iconic red leather jacket and pants in Thriller or his use of military jacket with the gem-studded glove? Michael Jackson never hired any stylist for his outfits. It is said they his costumes which were hugely inspired from history were made by private dressmakers. He once said that his attitude towards fashion comes from the urge of doing what is forbidden. He loved putting on a costume and getting into the character of the outfit.

Michael Jackson was one of the few artists whose musical influence impacted the whole world. That is the reason why many of his songs spoke of Global peace, brotherhood and harmony. He music unites us irrespective of our class, gender or nationality. He always aspired and worked hard to be the best, and in the end, everyone knew he was the best!